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Legacy Planning

Your Legacy: More Than an Estate, It’s Your Values and Vision

Legacy planning is estate planning that takes into consideration, not just how you want to dispose of your material assets, it may also help you create a family narrative that reflects the values and vision you have for your family.

A discussion is the first step.

As with all financial planning, you need to discuss and clarify how you want your estate handled after your death.  It means speaking with your financial advisor, your attorney and your beneficiaries about your ideas and wishes.

Financial planning

Your financial advisor knows what your financial goals have been for your life, your retirement and your heirs.  Your advisor can help advise you as to the best way to reach those goals and also help you include charitable giving as part of your legacy.

Legal documents

Wills and Trusts are legal documents that spell out the disbursement of your estate.  An estate planning attorney should be consulted to draw up these important documents.

The legacy planning process

The goal of this planning process is to make sure that you have done all that is possible to ensure that you are happy with the legacy you leave behind.