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Retirement Planning

Enjoy the Journey Not Just the Destination

Financial planning is about having an active plan to live well now (your journey) and also actively planning for a secure retirement (your destination).  

At Remlinger Financial Group we understand that because Americans are living longer, you will probably be living much longer in retirement.  That is why we actively monitor  your retirement plan strategy. 

We help you stay on track to retirement by paying attention to these items on a continuous basis. 

  • Are you thinking about how long your retirement may last?  It’s probably longer than you think.
  • Being aware of how health care costs may impact your retirement.  What can you do now to plan ahead?
  • How will you  prioritize paying for college and saving for retirement?
  • As you get closer to retirement will you be responsible for aging parents?  
  • How much risk should you be exposed to ten years from retirement? Five years?
  • Review your legal documents: Wills, trusts, health documents, etc.  
  • Make sure your cash flow strategies will still work for your retirement.